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At Fantastic Furniture, we’ve been making Australian homes feel fantastic for over 30 years. To meet the expectations of our customers and help keep Australia Fantastic well into the future, we’re committing to continual improvement in the way we design, manufacture, source and deliver our huge range of quality affordable furniture.

Working closely with our key partners, we’re committing to some ambitious targets for 2025 with the goal of ensuring 100% of all our external product packaging is either reusable, recyclable or compostable.
Sustainable & Local Sourcing
We believe one of the first steps towards a more environmentally sensitive future, begins with ensuring the process of designing, sourcing and manufacturing our products is as sustainable as possible.

Where practical, we choose to use local Australian sustainable manufacturing suppliers for both our manufacturing materials and finished products. We support local manufacturing, with over 40% of all our mattresses and sofas made in Australia, reducing our distribution of carbon footprint and supporting the Australian manufacturing industry.
Aussie made
Australian manufacturing
Additionally, our manufacturing team are committed to only using renewable resourced solid pine timber, sourced from suppliers with certified ethical environmental management practices and a clear chain of ownership.

Nationally, we have made a distribution change with all of our retail in-store point of sale signage being delivered by a carbon neutral delivery partner Greenfleet, who are committed to offsetting carbon emissions through the restoration of Australian & New Zealand forests.
Waste Minimisation
Our goal is to minimise our carbon footprint through the minimisation of waste during our manufacturing and transport processes.

At our Fantastic Lounge Factory, we’ve implemented the use of large-scale computer manufacturing technology in conjunction with automated fabric cutting machines to drive material usage efficiency and ensure we minimise any wastage. To further reduce any wastage, any remaining large quantities of unused fabrics from our sofa manufacturing program are re-sold back into the marketplace.

Where sturdy external packaging is required, we are removing unnecessary plastics and foams from within our packaging and replacing these elements with more environmentally friendly honeycomb cardboard – to protect the product and the environment.
Aussie made
Recycling, and second life products
Recycle As part of our initiatives to continue our sustainability journey, we are always taking steps to institute recycling and re-use of materials where possible.

At our Fantastic Lounge Factory, all foam offcuts used in our cushions and seating are captured and recycled into new foam products by our supply partners FoamCo and Dunlop.

We are working with one of our key partners Redirect Recycling to ensure that all of our timber offcuts and sawdust, generated through the process of our Sofa & Lounge manufacturing, are captured and recycled into particle board and medium density fibreboard. This can then be used in other furniture and building projects in the future.
Foam and timber recycling
Memberships & commitments
Fantastic Furniture is a registered member of the Australian Packaging covenant organisation (APCO). As part of this membership, we’re committed to:

• Reduce packaging waste in our products.
• Create more sustainable packaging formats.
• Increase recycling across our manufacturing sites, our stores and offices.
• Reduce litter & waste in our business activities.
• Ongoing consumer education and engagement with the process of recycling our product packaging.
• The development and utilisation of a circular economy for our products.

2021 Annual Report and Action Plan >>
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