What is 'EzyPlan'?

EzyPlan is a rental finance plan offered by inRent that lets you have that brand new furniture item now without the big cash outlay and with no deposit. That's right - you can rent it today and keep your cash to use on something else!


What can I rent?

As long as the minimum value of rented goods is $250, you can rent a wide range of furniture items and packages. 

Some of the items you can rent include:

  • Furniture Packages 
  • Modular Lounge Suites 
  • Dining Suites
  • Lounge Suites & Recliners
  • Sofas & Sofa Beds 
  • Coffee & Lamp Tables
  • Entertainment Units
  • Bedroom Suites
  • Mattresses & Ensembles

Keep your cash

With EzyPlan there's no big cash outlay so you can keep your cash to use on something else.


No deposit and no application fee

With EzyPlan all you need is your first month's rental instalment.


Keep up with the latest furniture trends*

With EzyPlan you can upgrade to the latest furniture trends after the minimum term before upgrade.


Service package - optional at an additional cost*

Enjoy peace of mind with our service pack option as your rental product will be serviced, if necessary, for the life of the contract. That means no expensive repair bills.


Apply to buy at any time

With EzyPlan you can apply to buy the products you're renting at any time.


Package your rental products

With EzyPlan you can rent multiple products all on the one account with one easy monthly payment.


Possible tax benefits*

If you are renting for business purposes your rental payments may be tax deductible.





*Terms and conditions apply. Ezyplan is a trademark of Fantastic Furniture Pty Ltd ABN 66 003 688 855. Rental is provided ‘inRent’. ‘inRent’ is a registered trademark of Walker Stores Pty Ltd (WSPL) ACN 371 865 846.Rental is available to approved applicants only and is then subject to terms and conditions. Pre-approval is subject to credit assessment by WSPL.