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Wardrobe Makeover

It’s time for a wardrobe makeover

When your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, it means it’s definitely time for a clean out. Can’t part ways with the things that spark you with joy? Additional storage will be your saving grace! Give your wardrobe the makeover it deserves and be prepared for winter retreats and summer vay-cays for all-round good times that comes with a freshly organised closet. Not sure where to start? Read on for our favourite tips and tricks. It’s time for a wardrobe makeover!

Cullers before colours

Before you can worry about the fun stuff like which shade and print is an absolute must-have this season, there’s the little matter of what to do with all that unworn clothing that’s taking up valuable space in your wardrobe. For this, you have two options:

Option 1: Storage

Fashion changes and old trends have a way of coming back. Or at least we hope they’ll come back! If you’re holding onto that bold printed blouse you’re certain will be trendy again, we’ve got a solution for you! Pack anything you’ll likely be wearing next season into storage for safe keeping – beds with storage drawers are great for this! Try the Como Queen Bed with Storage for a contemporary space saver right in your bedroom. With underbed drawers, this queen bed is ideal for storing away the clothes and shoes you’re sure you’ll (eventually) wear.


Option 2: Donate

You’d think this option would be a simple one, but we know how hard parting ways with clothing can be. You may no longer need something, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want it. Our solution to this problem? Try everything on! Have a fashion show right in your bedroom and try on the clothes you’re not sure of. It’s hard to justify keeping a piece of clothing when you’re standing in front of a mirror with a critical eye.

Doesn’t fit? Donate it!

Don’t feel confident in it? Donate it!

Your clothes should make you feel happy and great! If something you own doesn’t tick the right boxes, donate it to a local charity service or give it to someone who needs it.

Base wardrobe & colours

The key to a well-maintained wardrobe is organisation. Having a wardrobe with a good amount of hanging space, as well as a section for drawers, will make this process a whole lot easier! The Aussie made Home Robe Range is our personal favourite, we know it’ll be your favourite too.

Wire hangers leave marks on your clothes and cause them to slip and slide. You don’t want to open your closet and find pieces that have slipped off their hanger onto the floor. Instead, replace those thin wire coathangers with wooden or plastic ones. Feeling fancy? Why not try velvet flocked slimline hangers!

You’ve completed the culling process, you’ve kept the items you love, now it’s time to find a home for each clothing item you own. Keep your staple colours and pieces in the most accessible part of your wardrobe to make getting ready a breeze. With these items front and centre, you can easily grab them for fuss free mornings.

Next, arrange your clothes by type – shirts, jackets, dresses, and tees. Group them by category and make sure all your new coat hangers are facing the same way. Remember, you don’t need to hang everything! Knits, shorts and jumpers will happily sit folded or rolled up in a nice dresser or drawer.


Take a step back and look at how amazing your wardrobe looks now. Wasn’t that makeover worth it?