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Transform your nursery into a toddler room

If the days have rolled on way faster than you might like, and you suddenly have a toddler where your baby once was, it’s time to update that nursery with some bigger-kid things.

Don’t worry if the idea of taking things up a level seems a little overwhelming, we’ve totally got your back – and a few great places to start in the whole baby-becomes-toddler metamorphosis.


Let’s do this toddler thing! Here’s how:

When they said “sweet dreams are made of this”, they were actually talking about big-kid beds. It’s a little known fact. A better known fact is that the moment your child transitions from cot to proper bed is a big one for everyone involved.

Mums, dads and kids realise that this growing up thing is actually tangible as they ponder picking out a more mature bed-with-no-bars.

Changing up your child’s sleep arrangement is a great first step to growing your kiddo’s room with them and there are heaps of great value options to choose from.

Will it be a cute-yet-stylish toddler bed, perhaps a Wiggles bed or a pretty in pink Barbie bed, even?! Oh, don’t forget to pick out some adorable bed linen, too!

Your growing baby will be interacting with the world now more than ever, and with that comes a whole range of new playtime options. Hello toys!

Factor toy storage into your nursery re-do and it’ll be easy to keep things streamlined and ship-shape, with the added bonus of preventing you tripping over random blocks, trucks and ducks in the dead of night.

Winning! Storage is king.

This exciting transition is a great excuse to go shopping for affordable art to decorate your child’s room, encouraging imaginative daydreaming and creativity!

Perhaps it’s a vintage map or a series of colourful botanical prints or travel posters? Some bunting could be lovely too!

Buy what you always wished you had as a child, because that’s the beauty and bonus of being a parent at long last.

Shifting from cot to bed and updating your child’s room means that you can rethink colour schemes that might have been more baby focused and update soft furnishing with cushions, throws, rugs and new curtains even!

Try to keep your colour palette consistent but don’t be afraid to inject a bit of pattern, personality or POP!

Some simple bookshelves set a great intention when it comes to early literacy and simply making time for stories and one-on-one time.

Choose something roomy and versatile, if possible, and secure them to the wall to keep everyone safe and sound. Then all that’s left to do is stock your library with your childhood and new favourite reads!

Whatever you choose for your child’s room, keep in mind that simple pieces that grow with your child are key. Focus on value, versatility and style, and you’ll be striking the perfect balance in no time.

If you’re not quite up to the toddler bedroom stage as yet, it’s a great idea to start a Pinterest board to collate your thoughts and hunt down inspiration. Not only is the platform packed with bright ideas, it’ll stow them safely until you’re ready for the big re-do!

Happy decorating!


Written by Babyology