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Smart & Stylish Wardrobe Storage Ideas


As you browse through your cluttered wardrobe looking for that T-shirt you last saw a year ago, the one that’s just perfect for today’s outfit, perhaps you’re wishing that there was a better way of organising your clothing? Great news, there is! Effective wardrobe storage isn’t a mysterious dark art. Simply follow these tips on how to organise your wardrobe and never lose track of clothes in the clutter again!



Let’s Get Started!

To begin, get going with a good decluttering! You probably have plenty of clothes you don’t wear anymore. There’s no shame in that. However, the more streamlined your wardrobe is, the easier it will be to keep it organised and coordinate super stylish outfits in no time. As you evaluate your clothes, create a pile for items to keep, one for items to donate, and one for throwaways that are beyond repair.


Out of Season – Out of Sight

While you’re organising your “keep, donate and toss” piles, give priority to your current season’s wardrobe – the stuff you’re wearing right now. Then you can further separate items per upcoming season. Why? If you are pressed for space or just prefer having leftover room – you could store clothes you won’t be wearing for a few months somewhere out of sight. 

If you’re really pressed for space in the bedroom, perhaps you can also use another underutilised space in your home for these garments. If there’s an unused room, such as an extra bedroom or home office space, you can clear out all the unnecessary items, as you’ve already done with your wardrobe, and convert the space into a walk-in wardrobe!


Customise Your Wardrobe Solutions

Now that you’ve narrowed down your clothing to only the good, current stuff, it’s time to get organised! Perhaps the most convenient and space-effective solution for storing your foldable clothing is a drawer storage unit. You can use a chest of drawers if you already have one and you have the space for it. Otherwise, you can look for modular units of various sizes that can be used to fill space below or alongside hanging rails. If you’re starting from scratch, a completely modular wardrobe is always worth it!

Movable hanging rails are a very flexible and cost-effective solution for organising all your hanging clothes, such as jackets, dresses, and long trousers. Modular wardrobe solutions will help to maximise the space and tailor it exactly to your needs. You could consider using two levels of hanging rails to maximise vertical space. Then you can use a step stool or small mobile ladder to access items higher up. You can also use hanging shelves to store clothes.


How to Get it All Organised?

Spend some time tenderly reorganising your cupboard – even use dividers and separators to categorise items by type. For instance, underwear and socks can be stored together in divisions while vests and shorts can also go in separate zones. Try to make sure that frequently-used items are easily accessible.

Shoes can be another big space guzzler. They will often probably be a disorganised clutter at the bottom of a cupboard, or unceremoniously dumped into a corner. There are a few solutions you can try out for bringing order to your unruly mountain of footwear. Shoe racks are usually the neatest solution. This will get your shoes off the ground and reclaim that space for something else. You can also use a shoe rack that hangs behind your door. This will not only reclaim floor or closet space but even puts them out of sight when the door is open. Now sit back, relax and enjoy your neat wardrobe!