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New year, new home! – Tips with Fantastic Furniture


Another year has ended and a new one has begun – or so the song goes.  Rather than looking back at what you have done, why not grab the future by the horns and create the look you want for your home with a fresh new start.  Here are some top tips from our expert team to create a fantastic new look for your home, without breaking the bank!


It’s so easy to get used to living with clutter in our homes.  Often we don’t see it but walk into someone else’s home and it stands out straight away.  Try looking at your home through the eyes of a visitor.  Now what do you see?  Once you can identify the clutter, then clear it.  The New Year is the perfect time to throw out the old to make way for the new.  Sort into piles of like-minded items room by room then choose to donate, discard or sell.


Make sure you have plenty of suitable storage for the items you are keeping and if necessary, purchase more.  You don’t need to spend a fortune on good storage and there is so much available.  From charming wicker baskets, cool open bookcases, gorgeous glass collector’s cabinets, there is something for everyone and every item.  Go online and have a browse, then give your stuff a home.


Now you have cleared some space, then conduct a furniture audit.  If you have been hankering after a change of sofa, bed or dining setting, then now might be the time to bite the bullet.  There are many great specials on this time of year, so you might be lucky and bag a bargain.


Measure up your space to ensure there is enough room for any new furniture you decide to buy.  You might decide to change around the arrangement too, for example, changing the direction of the bed, switching from a three seater to a corner chaise, which will give a new look and feel.  Don’t be afraid to make some changes – you can always change it back again.


If your home feels faded and jaded, a new colour scheme can provide an instant update.  Popular colours currently include charcoal greys, cool blues and pastels.  If decorating isn’t an option, then look for accessories such as cushions and rugs that can inject a new colour scheme into your home for a quick and easy makeover!


Table lamps and floor lamps are fashionable items that can give a contemporary look to a room.  Opt for interesting bases and stands in a variety of materials such as wood, concrete, metal or polished stone.  Mix and match shades to vary the look.


Your home is the perfect place to express yourself and be yourself.  Share your story by showcasing your collectables, photographs, coffee table books and artwork.  Not only does it make a great talking point with visitors, it enables you to surround yourself with the things you love – after all isn’t that what home is all about!