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How to Choose the Perfect Sofa in 6 Steps

If you’re moving into a new home or if it’s time to update your living room, these 6 Fantastic Tips will make shopping for your new 2 seater sofa or a 3 seater sofa or couch, modular sofa, recliner, lounge suite or occasional chair easy!

1. Measure up – size matters!

One of the most basic and practical pieces of advice we give people when buying a new sofa, is to measure the size of your lounge room. You need to make sure your new sofa will fit into the space without over crowding, to create the look and comfort you want.

2. Ease of access – get the perfect fit.

Not only do you need to measure your lounge room, you need to make sure your sofa can be delivered to your home and can fit up stairs, in hallways and through doors. We’d hate for you to choose the sofa of your dreams, only to realise not only is it too big for your lounge room, it can’t even get there in the first place.

3. Style – create the look you love.

Along with the sofa design, you should also consider what style suits your home. You may love a funky modern sofa but if your home is traditional in style and you’re not yet ready to redecorate, then you need to choose a sofa that suits your existing interior.  Consider classic, contemporary, traditional or modern styles.

4. Size – 2 seater sofa, 3 seater sofa or modular sofa?

These days, sofas come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  If you have a big family and do lots of home entertaining with friends or enjoy group movie nights, then a modular sofa is a great choice.  If you are a couple living in an inner-city apartment and are hardly ever home, then a neat two-seater may be all you need.  Lifestyle is just as important as looks!

5. Fabric – plain, textured, patterned or striped?

After you’ve chosen your sofa style and size, it’s time to pick your fabric. Again, consider your lifestyle – for example, if you have a family with young children, you may go for a darker colour in a hardwearing textured weave that won’t easily show the dirt and can withstand wear and tear. Have fun with fabrics – choose a pattern, a colour, a texture and then throw in some coordinating cushions or an ottoman to finish off the whole look. Choose from over 50 different fabrics and colours from the Fantastic Furniture MyChoice sofa range.

6. Longevity – it’s not just about looks.

Your sofa is a stand-out furniture piece that can affect the whole look of your room. Investing in a good quality sofa will offer you years of comfort and it’ll hide day-to-day wear and tear. Seating support is a must have to ensure even weight distribution and avoid any seat sagging. All of our Aussie made sofas are backed by a quality guarantee, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy knowing you have a sofa that’s made to last.