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How to care for your sofa & protect your floors

Keeping your floors and your furniture beautiful for years to come only takes a few preventative measures and some really simple products. After all, you didn’t spend all of that time and money curating the perfect lounge room, just to have it sullied by not-so-beautiful marks and scratches. Here are some top tips to ensure that your Fantastic Furniture stays picture-perfect for as long as possible!

How to Clean Sofas

t’s important to follow the care instructions that relate to your specific type of furniture. If ever in doubt, patch test any cleaning products or the method you intend on using to ensure that they are compatible with your sofa’s fabric or material.

In general, when spills do occur, try blotting with a white, clean and dry cloth, instead of rubbing, and ensure the item isn’t standing in direct heat and sunlight while it dries. If further cleaning is required use a non-coloured soap solution made from soap flakes and warm water (just be sure to patch test first). If you have pets, it’s also a good idea to ensure they have their own furniture and accessories to sit and scratch on. This is often the best way to stop a cat from scratching your sofa or other furniture.

Consider investing in the Fantastic Furniture Sofa Shield warranty for added peace of mind that your prized item is protected against life’s little accidents. Annual professional cleaning of your sofas is also highly recommended, especially for removing dust and other allergens.

How to Clean A Fabric Sofa

To keep upholstered fabrics looking good as new, regularly vacuum them on a low suction setting. Be careful of any contact with any wet materials (towels or clothing) that may cause mould to grow or even dye to transfer to the fabric. Rotating fabric cushions is also a Fantastic way to preserve their colour and comfort too!

How to Clean A Leather, Vinyl or PVC Sofa

Leather, vinyl or PVC sofas are easily maintained with regular dusting using a clean, dry duster. We recommend you are cautious with the cleaning products you use on these types of materials and be sure to follow your manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

Protecting Your Floors

One of the best ways to ensure your floors are protected from your sofas, chairs or tables is to use nifty felt, cork or rubber furniture pads under feet or corners. This will ensure that when your Fantastic furniture pieces are shifted by people sitting down or bumping into them, your tiles, marble or wooden floors will be protected.

Some pads are peel and stick, others have a small nail to permanently attach them to your furniture’s wooden legs. Be sure to replace these as needed, especially for heavier sofas experiencing frequent use. These larger sofas can wear down these protectors over time.

Another way to help prevent furniture from scratching at your floors is to use a stylish, non-skip rug. By keeping all your sofas and tables on top of a rug, you’ll easily(and stylishily) avoid this type of ongoing damage.