Ideas & Inspiration:

Cosy Comforts

With winter in full swing, days are becoming shorter and a change in weather calls for a move to cosy, comfy interiors to keep you snug. For most people, this means busting out the dressing gown, trusty fluffy socks and never leaving bed, but with a few smart furniture and decor choices you can turn your living space into a cosy den ready for hibernation.

The centre piece

Usually the centre of our living room universe, the sofa is a key piece in turning this space into a comfy den. A great sofa is like a warm hug – cosy and comfortable, and there is nothing better than snuggling up in between the cushions, with a great movie and cup of hot chocolate on a cold night. For ultimate comfort, you can’t go past our Finlay 3 Seater Sofa ($749), with its hardwearing fabric it’s both inviting and easy to maintain, especially if there are a few spills from your mug of chocolatey goodness.

Warming touches

Nothing says cosy like a night in with warm, dim lighting to match your mood staying rugged up for the night. Cast a glow that will trick you into thinking you are sitting around a warm, crackling fire with a toasted marshmallow with any of our low-lit lamps. Nothing says ‘cosy’ like rugging up in your favourite oversized jumper, and snuggling up on the sofa with the soft warm lighting of one our favourite lamps to help set the mood. The Marana Floor Lamp ($129) is one of our favourites. Stylish and minimalist, sure to cast a warm glow around the room, without out-shining the stars on the screen. So curl up, and sit back with some great movie snacks and the perfect.

And it’s complete

A living room would never be complete without those little touches that make a house a home, and we know how important it is to find the colours and styles that suit you best. In winter we love ramping up the accessories because you can never have too many cushions, right?! Why not add in some of our Pelage Cushions ($20), contrasted by the graphic pop of the Sketch Cushion ($10) for both a cuddly touch and retro flair. Who knows, you could even make a pillow fort with all the extra cushions one weekend! Complete the look with a rug that makes you forget your fluffy socks such as the Cosi Rug ($99) and you will be set until we once again here the chipper sounds of Spring.