Ideas & Inspiration:

Australia Day Decorating

Celebrate all things Australian this Australia Day with Australian-made furniture pieces and homewares that reflect the beauty and colourful flora and fauna of our native landscape.  Here are some tips from to help you:


Accessories are a great way to have fun with colour to bring the outside into your home and add a flavour of Australia to your décor.  Choose colours that reflect the dusky amber and earth tones of the bush to add depth and warmth to your home.  Play with varieties of green that hint at tropical forests and shady palms or create a coastal vibe with intense blues and lemon hues.


Trending now are bold prints that showcase plants, animals, trees and motifs.  Opt for cushions and printed fabrics featuring iconic Aussie wildlife, such as galahs, parrots and palms and celebrate the beauty of our unique natural world.


From beach, to rainforest to the desert or the bush, Australia’s diverse natural environment can be captured beautifully in a framed print or canvas artwork.  You don’t need to spend a fortune on artwork, just choose something that you love.  Showcasing a slice of an Australian scene or theme can create an interesting conversation piece and also instil a sense of pride in your heritage and home.


Tell your own story by showcasing your favourite things.  From collectables such as driftwood and shells, to family photographs or special ornaments and hand-me-downs, creating your own display can inject your home with your unique personality and tell your story – your way.


When you choose Australian-made furniture, you are choosing to support jobs and industry at home as well as opting for quality craftsmanship.  Not many people know that here at Fantastic Furniture, we manufacture more than 130,000 sofas in our lounge factory right here in Australia.  When you choose from our Australian made range, you can also select from more than 100 fabrics from our MyChoice range – all for a great place.



At our mattress factory, we honour traditional craftsmanship and skills to deliver high quality mattresses that provide the ultimate in comfort and posture support so you can be guaranteed of a great night’s sleep every night.

Now that’s something to celebrate!