Ideas & Inspiration:

My Cupcake Addiction Room Makeover

Celebrate Fantastic Furniture’s 100+ fabric Aussie-made cushion, ottoman and sofa MyChoice range by making over an Australia Day themed living room.

Traditionally, Australiana tends to be very rustic and earthy, which doesn’t suit the modern style of my room. I’d also like to give the space a colourful refresh that suits my personality with Fantastic’s custom-made MyChoice range.

A combination of trendy tropics, native Australian plants and bright Australian artworks allow the room to burst with colour. This allows me to incorporate an Aussie theme while maintaining the modern integrity of the home.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Elise, a busy mum with ideas and ambitions bigger than time allows! I’m sure many of you can relate. This year, I’ve decided to stop wishing and start doing! I’ve enrolled in an Interior Design course at TAFE and put my new skills to good use! My first challenge was to makeover my least favourite room in the house – you know, the one that taunts you every time you walk past?

I’ve long-loathed the uninspired living room adjacent to my home-office. While the space might be functional, the décor is minimal, mismatched and dated!

The brown feature wall is tired, the art prints are old and the sofa is the wrong size and shape for the space. First, I start with a little detox therapy by removing everything from the room, selling off the old sofa and making way for my new space.

Before I dive in and start picking furniture, I’ll need to pick what colours to use.

Navy and light blue will be the lead colours in my room design, with a few shades of pink and coral to add some pops of cheerful fun.

With an Australiana theme at the heart of my new room, the navy blue is a nod to our flag’s central colour and provides a striking contrast for the bright colours chosen. The pinks reflect the gorgeous Australian flora and fauna; The Galah, Cockatoos and Bottlebrushes that are unique to the land down under.

After taping around the wall edges, I settle on 2 coats of Resene Dark Knight as my feature wall colour. The room already looks modern and clean! A perfect blank canvas to start selecting furniture.

My first purchase is a no-brainer; I’ve been eyeing off Fantastic Furniture’s Klyne Recliners for some time. They’re the only wingback recliners on the market and are far more modern than the usual older style, rounded recliners. As an added bonus, you can customise the fabric type and colour to perfectly match your room. Try coordinating products like sofas, ottomans, cushions and even bedheads! I quickly order 2 Klyne Recliners in their Coco Denim fabric, knowing they’ll go perfectly with my new feature wall.

Framing a window adds symmetry to a room; I’ve done this with my 2 Klyne Recliners and an old TV unit from Fantastic that I already had in the room. They don’t sell it anymore, but you can get a similar look with the Hayman 116cm Entertainment Unit. Repurposing A TV unit allows for some sneaky storage, which can be accessorised with a lamp, some photo frames and a native Australian Grevillea.

The Trendy Table Lamp I’ve selected from Fantastic is great in classic white, but I’m going to personalise it with a simple DIY. A little paint applied to the edges of the legs and a strip of Washi Tape around the shade transform this lamp into a custom piece that perfectly matches my colour palette!

Under my feature wall, I chose a MyChoice fabric Halston 3 Seater Sofa, again customised in Fantastic’s 100+ fabric range. Mayer Sky matches the Klyne recliners perfectly! If you’re tall like me, the Halston is a great sofa that you can actually rest your head on!

Another consideration was the fact the kids charge their iPads in this room, so I selected the Hayman Large Bookcase. I love the detailed side and feature panelling on the lower shelf. I had so much fun filling the shelving with treasured trinkets I’ve been meaning to display for years.

A palm tree plant and hanging ferns frame the Halston Sofa beautifully, while giving the room a taste of the tropics.

I changed those 3 ugly old pictures with these 3 beautiful printable image files I found on Etsy. They cost less than $15 for the set! Now that’s thrifty. I then printed them at a local office store and framed them using some old frames I had at home. Total cost: $22.50!

To finish my room off, I customised Fantastic’s Cleo Ottoman and Izzi Cushions in Mayer Sky to match the colour of my Halston Sofa. I used Fantastic’s marble look Monaco Coffee and Lamp Table pair to add a modern flavour, with their ultra-sleek black legs. The Monaco Lamp Table is also the perfect tea stand for my recliners!

If you want an on-trend marble look and feel, without the heavy weight and exorbitant price tag, the Monaco range is Fantastic quality and value.

Initially, a lot of the Australian art and native elements I looked at were really rustic and earthy, which didn’t really suit the style of my house. By opting for bright and funky art and adding pops of colour throughout, I kept the styling looking fresh, fun and anything but rustic!

I couldn’t be happier with how this room turned out! For my first semi-trained design challenge (OK – 2 weeks and some home reading) I can see this room being the first in completing the magazine-worthy house I’ve always know was in my future.

Next up… Kids rooms!