Ideas & Inspiration:

Global Styling

There’s no doubt about it, global styling is here to stay. There are a huge variety of furniture and homeware items that reflect a whole spectrum of global styles that can add an international flavour to your interior.  The key is to choose items that you love and that reflect your personality.

Here are some tips to help you add a touch of modern global style to your home:


If you are looking to create a global look in your home but are unsure of where to start, then creating your own mood board will help you hone in on your style.  Go online to sites such as Pinterest and create your own boards, or cut and paste into a scrapbook the old fashioned way.


When it comes to global design style, there are so many fantastic pieces to choose from, it’s tempting to go overboard.  To achieve a stylish look, less is more.  Opt for a few key pieces that can help create a co-ordinated global theme.


If you are in the market for a new sofa then this can help you set the tone and style for your global look. Go for rich colours such as bold reds or oranges that can add depth and hint at exotic far flung places.  Choose hardwearing fabrics and then add a flurry of cushions with rustic prints or textured weave to accentuate your theme.


Opt for a rug with a traditional weave to add an instant global look to your home. Just like artwork for the floor, rugs can tell a story or pull a theme together.  If you like a rustic look, then opt for rugs made from natural fabrics like cotton and jute.  They can add character and still give a fresh and light look.  From traditional patterns and tribal designs, there are a variety of rugs to choose from.  Choose something that you like the look and feel of and that blends with your interior.


Look around any multi-cultural market and you will see a variety of materials used in furniture and handcrafted homewares. Blends of metal and wood, copper and brass, coloured glass and stained or distressed timber all feature.  Hammered finishes and cut-out patterns add an intricate look that add a touch of artistic style.  From coffee tables, to dining tables, chairs and storage units, choosing a mixture of materials can all add an authentic ‘wow’ factor to your globally inspired home.


Pull your look together with a framed print, photograph or canvas artwork.  Whether you choose a place, a scene or a hint at a theme, choose something you love and you can put the finishing touches on your global theme – all without leaving the comfort of your own home!