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Colour Crush: Four Ways to Use Blush this Autumn

If colours were songs, blush is that tune you know all the words to. It’s catchy, it’s fun, and whether you’re looking to enhance your living room vibe or add a pop of pink to the bedroom, there’s a shade of blush to make any room sing.

We are crushing hard on blush this season! It’s painting all the corners of our lives, dominating our Instagram feeds, making it the must-have colour to add to our home. From fashion to cosmetics, it has danced its way into the world of interior design, and thanks to its natural gift of mixing and matching with complementary shades, adding it to the home has never been easier. We suggest pairing a light blush cushion from our Quinn range ($20) with our Cleo Ottoman ($199) in Mason Olive fabric for a stylish contrast, or combine our Jazz Armchair ($349) in Coco Pink fabric with our Waverley Side Table ($129) to create a stylish and on-trend look.

First-time blushers might be quick to think the on-trend colour only works in a more feminine setting, but we can let you in on a little secret… blush blends perfectly with popular industrial palettes such as copper, golds and metals! Adding a little touch of blush with metals brings an element of sophistication and class to the living room or dining space, sure to charm any guest in your home. In the bedroom, cozy up in bed with a set of pale blush bedsheets in the company of one of our metallic Mercury Table Lamp ($49) to transform your sleeping area into a dreamy retreat. In the living room, try leaning our gold Beauty Mirror ($149) over a navy-blue wall to give the room some added depth and detail.

Looking to blush up your life? For the more adventurous among us, we suggest the entrance to your home as a great place to start! You can introduce a splash of light blush to one of your walls, which is not only a Fantastic activity to do with the family one weekend, but will create a fun focal point that leaves an instant impression on your guests. Add in our popular Hayman Hall Table ($79), which will suit almost any interior, with personal photographs and knick-knacks.

If you’re not quite ready to go all renovation transformation with the roller brush, why not try your hand at some DIY blush artwork to lean up against your new Hall Table? This way you can experiment with how it works in different spaces without having to commit to painting an entire wall… baby steps.

When it comes to home styling, ‘less is more’ is right up there with ‘Have fun’. Blush doesn’t need to be bold or obvious to make a statement. In fact, knowing how to use small elements to complement a home’s natural personality, is one of the best ways to refresh an interior. Furnishings and home accessories such as cushions, mirrors, wall art and rugs are often enough to spruce up a room that might need a loving touch. The Coast Mirror ($129) and Hazel Rug (from $39) are simple additions to add the blush touch without over doing it.