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How to make a Fantastic gallery wall!

How to make a Fantastic Gallery Wall!

A gallery wall is just a super fancy way of describing the use of multiple artworks on one wall.

It’s an easy and Fantastic way to add personality and style to your home without having to paint or apply wallpaper. Arranging your collection of artworks doesn’t need to be intimidating with our help.

We’re going to show you how it’s done!

Step 1: Pick a theme!

Do you want to showcase family photos or maybe something more contemporary like framed prints? Pick a theme and find pieces in different sizes that work well together. We love the look of mixing a variety of artworks, from photographs to drawings and even personal mementos. A gallery wall is the perfect time to play with scale, position and colours.

Step 2: Lay it out!

You’ve got all your pieces sorted, now lay them all out on the floor and play around with the look of them to find an arrangement you like. If you have a larger piece, use that as your statement artwork and make more of an impact by having it at eye level, then work your smaller pieces around it. It’s always fun trying out different gallery wall artwork arrangements!

Step 3: It’s time to get to work!

If you’ve got a look you love, get ready to hang them up. Your gallery wall doesn’t need to be permanent, you can always add new pieces or remove them later! Now it’s time to get to work!