Ideas & Inspiration:

Small Spaces, Big Imagination

Fantastic spaces come in all shapes and sizes. While we all daydream of a home with high ceilings and wide, open-plan living areas, it’s often the case that we need to put a little more thought into how we arrange our spaces to get the most out of them. A few smart furniture choices (and a sprinkle of imagination) can go a long way towards creating a home that looks and feels spacious, no matter the size.

One of the easiest ways to ensure you’re making use of every inch of your home is to avoid creating wasted, unusable spaces. A common example is cutting off the corners of a room. Opt for compact furniture that easily fits into snug places, over more elaborate and abstract options that are likely to demand precious territory.

Those in need of a subtle centrepiece for movie nights with friends and family will love the Como TV Stand ($79). To complete the look, dress your living room with space-friendly additions such as the Geo Multi-Use Table ($40) or Side Table ($9). What about a cosy spot to eat? Use the Geo 5 Piece Dining Set ($99) to create a functional dining area with a small footprint!

Anyone who has endured the tiring task of moving house will be all too familiar with that ‘I thought I would be done by now’ feeling. And this moment often rears its ugly head when you look around to see how much space is taken up by household clutter. A Fantastic way to curb the clutter and have you enjoying some well-earned take-away faster, is to make use of clever storage options.

The Geo Cube Shelf (from $69) is not only a great way to create a room within a room, but also boasts your choice of 9 or 16 shelves to house everything from books, photo frames, footwear and beyond. For the bedroom, Fantastic’s range of Como Storage Bedheads (from $99) and Como Bed Drawers (from $70) will help you rest easy knowing you won’t have to climb over clutter to curl up in bed.

Sometimes when space is scarce, compromises need to be made. Whether you’re welcoming a new addition to the family or simply hoping to free up a room for that home office or extra living space, two little ones with big imaginations can easily fit into one bedroom with the right know-how (and furniture).

The Cabin King Single Loft Bed Package ($999) uses a creative design to turn two beds, a built-in closet and a desk into one cool, compact bunk bundle sure to send the kids’ imaginations wild. For additional cupboard space, the Cabin range also includes a Bedside Table ($129), a Storage Box ($149) and a Lowboy ($249), perfect for tucking away all their precious treasures. Just remember, they’re not sharing a room – they’re uniting their kingdoms.