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How To Create The Perfect Bedroom

The bedroom is the place to dream, to relax and refresh.  When it comes to creating your perfect bedroom space there are things to consider:


Start with the right bed for you

Choosing a style of bed is the first step to transforming your bedroom retreat. As the focal point of your room, this statement piece should fit within your bedroom ‘theme’, be that contemporary, classic, romantic, luxurious or country. View our range of beds.

Comfort is king

While the bed may be the focal point of the room, it’s the mattress that’s going to provide the support you need for a refreshing nights sleep. Make sure you spend a good amount of time selecting a mattress that’s going to provide the right level of comfort and support, so you can kickstart the day feeling revitalised. Click here to read about choosing the right mattress for you.

Get your storage sorted

Clear clutter to create a tranquil space to rest and relax. Use a combination of tallboys and dressers to minimise mess, or opt for handy wardrobe inserts to create a storage space to suit your needs. Bedside tables with drawers and shelves are also a clever and practical way to create added storage space.

Choose the right accessories

Use bed linen, cushions and throws to bring your bedroom together. These are easily changeable throughout the seasons, allowing you style the bedroom to your mood, or the weather.  Rugs are also great in the bedroom, overlooked, beautiful, shaggy rugs can create comfort underfoot while also creating a cosy and inviting space that’s perfect for unwinding after a tough day.

Ottomans and bedding boxes 

Not only do they add that ‘professionally styled’ touch to your room, but can also cleverly double as storage if cupboard space is short. View our range of bed end storage.