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How To Create The Perfect kids Bedroom

How To Create The Perfects Kids Bedroom

A perfect kid’s bedroom is fun and exciting; sparking creativity and imagination. Give your child’s room a makeover they’ll love and transform their space to suit their personality and growing needs. Not sure where to begin? Keep reading for our top tips, sure to have your little one’s eyes sparkling with joy.

Choose A Theme

Is your child a fairy princess, or the chosen one, destined to bring balance to the Force? Choosing a theme and colour scheme is a fun first step in achieving the ultimate kids’ bedroom. Sit down with your child to discuss their favourite characters and colours, and then have fun weaving these into their room. At Fantastic Furniture we’ve got you covered with a range of licensed kids furniture. Creating a themed bedroom has never been easier!


Colour Their World

Incorporating colour into your kids bedroom is easy when you have the right accessories. You don’t have to paint their walls, simply use cushions, lamps and rugs as an affordable and easy way of adding in their favourite colours.

Back to School

As your child grows, they’ll need their own space to do their homework, draw and be creative in. Having kids study furniture in their bedroom will encourage their productivity. Consider a functional desk and chair to ensure they have somewhere to concentrate and get down to work, while also offering an imaginative space to create

Vertical Space

Utilise space on the walls with bookshelves, tallboys and other functional storage pieces. From the moment your child is born, they’ll collect a lot of stuff, from toys through to books. Not only does storage provide a great place to showcase trophies, toys and collectables, it will also help to maximise space on the floor for play, or trundle beds, for the all-important sleep over.

Book It

Is there a spare corner or nook in your kid’s room? This might be just the place to add a colourful, multi-tasking bookshelf, perfect for clearing away the clutter, or a comfortable chair to curl up in and enjoy a story with mum or dad.

Ottomans and Bedding Boxes

Not only do ottomans add that ‘professionally styled’ touch to any room, but can also cleverly double as storage if cupboard space is short.