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The Home Team: creating a teen retreat

Sometimes it is simply not possible to have it all. That’s the message Julia Green has for us this week on The Home Team.

She is taking us through the second kid’s bedroom, which has a considerably more grown up feel.

As this is a teenager’s room, the team has opted for a double Willow Bed in Black over a single bed. This unfortunately means the white Hayman Desk has been sacrificed and will instead be put to good use in the study. “Even without the desk, we’re able to take a lot of the things that would sit on a desk or on a bedside, up onto the wall,” says The Home Team’s interior stylist Julia Green.

Considering the room used to have pale blue walls and a ceiling covered in glow-in-the-dark stars, we have to agree it’s an impressive transformation.

Once again the bedding has been artfully layered in this room. A darker colour palette in the furniture and bedding creates a more sophisticated and mature look, making it more suitable for a teenager. A bright cushion here and there adds a bit of colour.

The black steel furniture, such as the bed and the storage cabinet will give any teen living in this room a blank canvas to express themselves using other accessories and personal items throughout the room.