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Get the most out of your small bedroom

Things that Go Bump in the Night
If you’re tight on space, it’s very easy for clutter to accumulate, particularly in the bedroom when gathered clothes and stray shoes can pile up.  There’s nothing worse than stumbling over a heap of dirty laundry, or landing on an upturned heel as you head to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


Clear Clutter
Investing in smart bedroom storage can help put your life back in order so you can find what you need when you need it.  Not only will it help for quick and easy exits in the morning (no more hunting for stray socks), it will aid relaxation, clearing your mind for a calming nights sleep.

When investing in bedroom storage, you need to consider the space you have available and your requirements.


Sort and Stash
Before you head to the shops or jump online, take a long hard look at your bedroom then sort your stuff.  Be brutal and remember the old adage, ‘If you haven’t worn it for a year, then throw it out’.  If you can’t bear to discard it, then store it away in a suitcase or better, a zip-up vacuum bag which takes up less space.  If you don’t rescue it back and wear it within the year, then it’s time to say goodbye.


Pile it Up
Organise what’s left neatly into piles by category, eg socks, undies, tops, sweaters, shoes, books etc.  Once you have a clear idea of what you have and how much, you can then decide on what storage you need.

Your storage needs will depend not only on your space but on your age, stage of life and lifestyle.


Top Tips
Here are some tips to guide you:


There’s no doubt about it, with kids comes clutter.  From books, to plastic toys, games of all shapes and sizes, art and craft, the list is endless.  Investing in smart storage in your little one’s bedroom can help you keep on top of the mess and also ensure they have a place to play by day and a calm and soothing place to sleep at night.

Opt for a sleek single bed and some handy under bed slide-out drawers.  Using storage under the bed is a great option for small rooms as it makes the most of the existing space and provides a handy place to store toys and books that are easily accessible by your little one.  Choose a lowboy with smooth drawer runners and handles your little one can reach to help them access their clothes then put them away.  Teaching them to tidy early will set up good habits for later.


If you’re house-sharing or live in a small apartment, then opting for a double bed gives you plenty of room to spread out for a comfortable night’s sleep while still having enough room for storage units for your clothes.  When space is at a premium, take your time to choose storage that works hard for you. If you have a large window along a wide wall, then opt for a lowboy.  If you have limited floor space available then it makes sense to go up the wall with a tallboy.  Choose a unit with deep drawers so there is plenty of room for a variety of clothes, including thick sweaters.


If you are sharing a small room with your partner, this is when your storage has to work hard to carry the load.  Maximise your space options with some smart co-ordinated storage units that will do the job for two without overcrowding.  A sleek one-sided bedside drawer that hooks over each side of the bed is a great option, providing instant bedside storage for both of you.

Look for space saving solutions with smart designs.  Consider multi-purpose furniture and storage pieces, such as a headboard with built-in shelves, which makes a great place to store books, keep reading glasses to hand and display photographs without taking up any additional floor space.

Whether you are just starting out house sharing, buying your own home, starting a family or downsizing, with our co-ordinated Como bedroom storage, you can mix and match across the entire range to create the perfect customised bedroom storage solution to suit you.