Ideas & Inspiration:

Creating your perfect bedroom

Your bedroom should be a blissful paradise; a place to escape from everyday responsibility and worry. When you have the perfect bedroom, it’s easy to relax and forget the stresses of the day. Sit back, kick-off your shoes and snuggle up in your comfy oasis. At Fantastic Furniture, we know how important it is to make your bedroom the perfect place for you. With our top tips and tricks, you’ll be reclaiming your bedroom as you create your perfect sleep heaven.

A style to suit every budget

We love that all our customers have their own unique style. That’s why we’re constantly updating and expanding our range, with a style to suit every budget. We want you to feel inspired when you visit our stores! When it comes to creating your dream bedroom, we have everything from modern chic (see the Saville Queen Bedroom Package with Tallboy) for to vintage charm (try the Willow Queen Bedroom Package with Hayman Tallboy). Make it your own with one of our Aussie-made armchairs or cushions, that give you the choice of over 100+ fabrics and colours. Crushing on blush as much as we are? You’ll love the Maggie Chair in Coco Pink or a softer Cippi Stone. Finish your bedroom with a statement artwork that suits your personality. There really is something for everyone!


Finally! The kids are asleep and it’s time to put on your bed socks and curl up under the covers for some heavenly sleep. Is it possible to make this moment any sweeter? Absolutely! Try getting cosy in a bed that’s perfectly crafted to coordinate with your dream colour scheme and bedroom design. Start with a gorgeous bed then choose a mattress you can really sink into. We have a huge range of mattresses made right here in Australia, like the Chirorest range. Visit your local store to find the one that’s right for you!


A place for everything and everything in it’s place


While bedroom storage may not immediately come to mind when designing your adult retreat, a clutter-free space will ensure that wave of relaxation washes over you every time you step through the door! Our Aussie-made Home Wardrobe range gives you the in-built look without the commitment. Incredibly versatile, you can select from a wide range of inserts and additions to create your own custom wardrobe. Love to read? The Coda 6 Shelf Bookcase brings a funky design, with its different shelf configuration allowing you to display your books and family photos, while hiding away messy bits and pieces. Complete the look with the Bergen Standard Blanket Box to store those warm winter blankets, and maybe a few of the kids’ favourite toys for those nights where the boogie monster appears.