Ideas & Inspiration:

Creating the perfect teenage retreat

If your pre-teen has become a real-teen then you have probably noticed how much time they like hanging out in their own room. It’s all part of growing up. Having their own space gives teenagers some time out to relax and do their own thing.

Here are some styling tips to creating the perfect teenage retreat:

1. Plan it Together – spend time with your teen working out what their ideal room would look like. Getting them on board as part of the planning process at the start will help involve them in the decision-making, which as every parent of a teenager will know, is a good thing.

2. Clear Clutter – one thing most teenagers have in common is clutter. From books, to schoolwork, magazines, DVDs, make-up, so many things end up either on the floor or in mis-matched piles around the room. No wonder it’s hard to make it to the school bus on time, when your teen is busy searching for a tie or missing sock. From bookcases, to wicker boxes, display cabinets and shelves, Fantastic Furniture has an affordable storage solution for every messy room to create calm from chaos. Before you do anything else, sort out the mess and then you can start designing the room.

3. Zone it Out – make the space work hard by creating different zones. A chill-out area with a bean-bag or floor cushions; a work-station for home-work; a craft or hobby desk and for the girls, a mirrored dressing-table for make-up and hair. If, like many of us, space is short, opt for clever multi-purpose furniture, such as the Elegance Cheval Storage Mirror with built-in hooks and handy drawers for make-up and jewellery. A stylish screen is a great way to create a zone in a small room, to separate the study area from the bedroom for example, to encourage relaxation and aid sleep.

4. Style it Up – give your teenager some head when it comes to choosing the colour-scheme for his or her room. It might not be to your taste, but it gives them some independence and a lick of paint doesn’t cost the earth if they change their mind later. Help them choose some inexpensive accessories to pull the look together. Cushions, throws and bed linen in co-ordinating colours can put a designer flair on the finished room. Frame up your teen’s artwork or favourite photographs to add a personal touch. Finally, opt for some good lighting. An angle poised desk lamp for home-work and a bedside lamp for reading and relaxing in bed will add the finishing touch to any teenager’s retreat.