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They say that to sleep like a baby is to sleep so soundly that almost nothing can wake you. While parents of squealing infants no doubt disagree some of the time, it’s certainly true that once asleep, a little tot can sleep through just about anything. Of course, an excellent and comfortable cot mattress will certainly help!

A crib mattress for your little one’s cot is essential for a good night’s sleep for both your pride and joy – and for your own sanity. At Fantastic Furniture, we carry a range of crib mattress options, so you can pick up something that’s affordable and super comfortable, too.  


At Fantastic Furniture, we love carrying a range crib mattress options so you can pick up something affordable and super comfortable.


A night of sound sleep for the baby is at the top of every parents’ wishlist - and a good cot mattress is where it all starts. But where do you begin and how do you know what to look for in a crib mattress? Fantastic Furniture has made it easy for new and second-time parents (and third!) to choose a mattress that is comfortable for their baby, which will support their sleep and help them develop healthy habits for a good night’s rest now and into the future.


As a busy parent, it’s easier when you can shop for mattresses for your child online from the comfort of your home. Browse our range, use the filters to narrow down your results and even order online if you find one you like.


We offer both foam and spring cot mattresses. Foam’s benefit is that it comes with a removable cotton cover for easy washing, while a spring mattress offers that extra support and keeps its shape better for longer-lasting wear. Feel free to pop in store to see the mattresses yourself and chat to our staff about the right choice for you and your little ones!


Our spring mattress has innerspring support and high-quality Bonnell springs to ensure your little bundle sleeps comfortably with the right support. A 100% breathable cotton cover allows air to circulate, and the cover has antimicrobial protection, promoting healthy sleep. The mattress is also double-sided and fully reversible. Check out our mattress care tips and make the most of your cot mattress.
Foam Cot Mattress

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