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Aussie Made Sofas

We are Australia’s largest sofa manufacturer; making over 500 sofa’s everyday! For over 20 years our factory has been making sofas for Australians. We have had to increase the size of our factory 3 times as demand for great quality Aussie made sofas has sky rocketed. Our sofas are backed with industry leading warranties, proudly Australian made and owned.


Employing the best people from all over the globe ensures our exceptional warranties are matched with great quality. Our long standing employees have worked together for many years making sofa’s for Australian homes. Our factory is made up of various teams that specialise in construction, upholstery, sewing and quality control. We also have a world class research and development centre that aims to bring down prices even further. Our people foster an attitude of continuous improvement throughout the factory, always looking for better products, processes and practices to benefit our customers.


We are committed to sourcing the best materials that we can trace back to its original form. Recycling timber, cardboard, plastic, particle board and foam ensures we give back to the environment. The large volume of raw material we purchase means we can pass even more savings onto our customers. Using enough fabric on our sofas every year to travel the distance from Sydney to Melbourne (that’s nearly 900kms) shows we are serious about sofas! By constantly keeping abreast of advancements in technology and new materials we will always deliver on our promise of being Australia’s best value furniture.

We make it, we sell it, and we guarantee it at Fantastic Lounge Factory (FLF).